Fashion photographer

Eyüp Devran KUTLU

I was born in 1975 in Rize. I have a degree in computer engineering in 1998 and worked for several years at Microsoft as a Microsoft certified systems engineer in Turkey. In the meantime I set up my own computer software company. In those years, photography was a hobby for me. I worked in photography and video processing software projects due to my profession. Since 2011, photography is my passion and among my favorites. I’ve always loved that word. “Tell your first five friends around you, and I will tell you who you are.” and already now my best 3 friends  are  photography. If you are doing a job fondly, what you do is not very important. what you love and how peaceful and happy you are. how peaceful and happy you are.

limit is sky

Fashion is our brand

Like most areas of photography, there is no perfect camera. There might be a perfect camera for you.

And there might be a perfect camera for the kind of fashion photography you would like to do.

In this diverse genre, lighting, clothing and hair and makeup might be more important than the camera itself. Here, we will run through the best picks of DSLR.

There are other types of camera that many professional photographers use, such as medium or large format.

As this photographer points out, a lot of people feel that they do not have the right equipment. It is easy to forget that at the end of the day, a camera is a camera.

When it comes to fashion photography, the lighting, hair/makeup and post-processing make the image.